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Cirrus9 Consulting provides expert services around for any business thinking about deploying the world's leading sales force automation, service and support and business support tool.

Expertise includes the following:

  • the deployment of across a global enterprise;
  • selection of, based on experience of a range of CRM solutions;
  • creation of a vision for adoption, starting with rapid rollout of sales force automation, and extending to full customisation across the entire business process, using's AppExchange solutions and bespoke development;
  • the removal of all business paperwork;
  • the development of complex project and product management applications, including bug tracking, test case creation, feature development, release management;
  • the development of "back-office" capabilities including HR, timesheets, expenses, travel approvals, invoices and internal purchase order management.

Cirrus9 Consultants follow a flexible model, working at your premises and/or remotely.